Project Management Services

To apply and obtain District / PTG’s approval for the conversion of land usage ( if needed ) for the project.
To apply and obtain layout or planning approval from the relevant authorities.
To coordinate in the overall planning, scheduling and monitoring of its daily project development activities from the design stage to the site construction and finally the successful completion of the proposed project development.
To render the necessary technical and management expertise to the owner so as to ensure a smooth and effective implementation from the pre-development stage to its final completion of the project.
To coordinate, recommend and supervise the selection, appointment and/or termination of contractors, architect, engineers, surveyors and other consultants on behalf of the owner. To implement the necessary instructions for the consultants and contractors on behalf of the owner.
To maintain and to keep a complete documentation records throughout the development and construction periods.
To supervise and complete the testing and commissioning of all M & E installations and machineries before handing over to the owner.
To prepare the necessary project payment report pertaining to the periodical financial commitments, invoices and billings, progress payment and retention on the completed works and the balance contract sum.
To prepare and present to the owner a set of project cash-flow report.
To assist the owner in obtaining the Certificate of Fitness for the building / development.